Data Visualisation

The global overload of information to which everyone is subjected, particularly business owners and managers, can be tricky to navigate. From the reams of impenetrable statistics, numbers and written reports, it can often be difficult to extract useful data. Outer Join’s Data Visualisation expertise provides you with information in a format that is easily, immediately understood.

Sorting relevant insights from the noise of detail is where we excel. The modern business that can be both responsive and proactive, manoeuvring tactically around daily changes while maintaining a long-term strategic focus, will always have the edge. Being able to have view of your data tells you accurately and in real time where to focus your energy and resources. Using our Data Visualisation expertise, you’ll shift your business from being reactive to predictive, tracking trends, spikes and dips, and overall patterns within your daily functioning.

Excel Automation

Microsoft Excel is, without doubt, the cornerstone application of many businesses. We use it for accounting, ordering, calculations, data visualisation, data processing and project management. There are 1.2 Billion MS Office users globally, and almost all use Excel; but did you know that the vast majority simply use is to open and click ‘print’? Microsoft estimates that as few as 1 in 5 Excel users make use of Pivot Tables; in South Africa, that number is even lower.

Outer Join will help you to get the most from this program, unlocking its incredible power and value. Automating the systems within your business that are mind-numbingly repetitive but crucial for the daily running is way to free up resources, both human and financial, and allow you to chase greater market share while not having to worry that the details are being dealt with. One of our clients has, over the last year, avoided hiring 7 people by automating Excel processes that otherwise would have required manpower, saving untold time and money.

Field Solutions

Many businesses operate on a model of having a central office and numerous representatives or sales people in the field. But managing your sales force or operatives while they’re not around can be difficult. Outer Join provides the best link possible between management and remote workers with Field Solutions, a mobile app that tracks your staff’s movements in the field, and feeds information back. This data is then processed and visualized, giving you useful insights into the efficiencies of your staff, and highlighting areas where their time could be better spent.

It could also provide you with nuanced understanding of the efforts, challenges and successes of your staff. How many customers does your sales force call on a day, a week, or a month? How many of these are successful, and could that be related to some aspect elsewhere in your business, i.e. promotions, stock holding, account disputes, etc? Could data fed back to the office help to plan their traveling better, streamline their appointments, and avoid perennial clashes? If you run a medical company that does check-ups in the field, what regular issues do your nurses encounter? What times of day are their patients most likely to break appointments?