Microsoft Excel is, without doubt,
the cornerstone application of
many businesses

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Microsoft Excel is, without doubt, the cornerstone application of many businesses. It is used for accounting, ordering, calculations, data visualisation, data processing and project management. There are 1.2 billion MS Office users globally, and almost all use Excel; but did you know that the vast majority simply use is to open and click ‘print’? Microsoft estimates that as few as 1 in 5 Excel users make use of Pivot Tables; in South Africa, that number is even lower.

Outer Join will help you to get the most from this program, unlocking incredible power and value. Automating the systems within your business that are boringly repetitive but crucial for daily operation is a way to free up human and financial resources and allow you to grow your market share and refine your offering. One of our clients has, over the last year, avoided filling seven positions by automating Excel processes, saving untold time and money.

The ease of measuring your ROI on automating Excel processes is a major selling feature of the service. It’s easy to figure out how much time you’re saving by implementing programmatic processes to perform otherwise manual tasks because you know how long they used to take.

Each project we take on also benefits from the improved aesthetics we provide as a bonus. We don’t just automate and walk away.  We take the initiative in tidying up reports and charts, and then add some creative flair to generate work that is not only efficient but beautifully presented.

As part of the development process, our skilled developers spend time with clients to understand the current processes and ensure that automation is only one part of a holistic service. We are passionate about finding extra efficiencies and logic within the process, adding value beyond just automation. This often means that the client receives more from the project than they paid for and than the initial scope suggested. Our goal: to create with each client a sustainable project that sparks future development in other areas.

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