A mobile app that tracks your
staff members' movements in the field,
and feeds back valuable information.

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Many businesses operate on a centralised model: a head office directs numerous representatives or sales people in the field. But managing your sales force or operatives from this centralised point can be difficult. Outer Join provides the best link possible between management and remote workers with Field Solutions, a mobile app that tracks your staff members’ movements in the field, and feeds back valuable information. This data is then processed and visualised, giving you useful insights into the efficiencies of your employees, and highlighting areas where their time could be better spent.

Our Field Solutions app also provides you with a nuanced understanding of the efforts, challenges and successes of your staff. How many customers does your sales force call on a day, a week, or a month? How many of these calls are successful, and could that be related to some aspect elsewhere in your business, i.e. promotions, stock-holding, account disputes? Could data fed back to the office help to better plan their traveling, streamline their appointments and avoid recurring scheduling clashes? If you run a medical company that does check-ups in the field, what regular issues do your nurses encounter? What times of day are their patients most likely to break appointments?

On top of the tracking capabilities, the apps also enable field staff to glean market information, which the Outer Join visualisation tools will then visualise into easy-to-read, interactive dashboards. The immediacy of market feedback is extremely valuable in a fast-changing, fluid economy.

Because our database saves arrivals and departures, we have developed an offering of automatic email alerts that notify management when certain indicators are triggered. For instance, if a field worker’s visit to a client lasts less than the optimal amount of time, the manager receives an email informing them, and enabling them to follow up. Also, the standard set of email alerts can be customised to suit your business needs.

Additionally, the database stores all images and market information, enabling us to create an automatic PowerPoint exception report system. This can be a powerful management tool: for example, if a visited store fails inspection based on a predetermined set of metrics, a PowerPoint with images and metrics is automatically sent to the relevant team members, enabling focused remedial action.  

With most information gathering platforms, the biggest challenge is managing and interpreting the information. Outer Join’s Field Solutions system enables ease of management, exception-based alerts and immediate access to key information. This is how we ensure our value-add.

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