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The global overload of information to which everyone is subjected, particularly business owners and managers, can be tricky to navigate. From the reams of statistics, numbers and written reports, it can often be difficult to extract useful data. Outer Join’s Data Visualisation expertise provides you with information in a format that is easily and immediately understood.

Sorting relevant insights from the noise of detail is where we excel. The modern business that is responsive and proactive, manoeuvring tactically around daily changes while maintaining a long-term strategic focus, will always have the edge. Having a view of your data can tell you accurately and in real time where to focus your energy and resources. Using our Data Visualisation platforms, you’ll shift your business from being reactive to predictive, tracking trends, spikes and dips, and spotting overall patterns within your daily functioning.

At Outer Join, we’re intensely aware of the human psychology that underpins viewing and interpreting information. We deploy this awareness to ensure that the content we create can be intuitively understood, and that the mind’s capacity to perceive trends is fully utilised.

Storytelling is an important part of the human experience; stories shape our experiences. Outer Join’s work in this area has taught us that communicating with ‘storyline’ data visualisations increases not just understanding, but also the drive to action. With our visualisations we move beyond reports and dashboards, turning them into interactive and comprehensive stories. Interactive content means you get to choose between the important focus areas as you go through the reports and dashboards. You can work with segments relevant to you, drilling down to what is key for your business, instead of passively scrolling through endless spreadsheets. We let you decide what’s important. Our storylines will help you turn data into insights, and these insights into actions.

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